Agreement between India and Russia 2014

Agreement between India and Russia 2014

India and Russia have had a long-standing relationship that dates back to the Cold War era when India was a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement and Russia was a superpower. The two countries have collaborated on several key areas such as defense, energy, space, and technology.

In 2014, India and Russia signed a historic agreement that strengthened their partnership in the defense sector. The agreement paved the way for the modernization of the Indian Armed Forces and enhanced defense cooperation between the two countries.

The agreement included the delivery of advanced defense equipment and technology from Russia to India. Some of the major defense deals signed between the two countries in 2014 included the purchase of:

1. S-400 Triumph air defense systems: The S-400 is considered one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world and is capable of neutralizing a wide range of air targets, including ballistic missiles, aircraft, and drones.

2. Frigates: India signed a deal to purchase four frigates from Russia, which are designed to operate in both open seas and littoral zones.

3. KA-226T helicopters: India and Russia signed an agreement to manufacture 200 KA-226T helicopters in India under the Make-in-India initiative.

Apart from defense, the agreement between India and Russia also focused on enhancing energy cooperation. The two countries signed a deal to construct two new nuclear reactors at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu. This agreement boosted India`s atomic power generation capacity and strengthened the country`s energy security.

In conclusion, the agreement between India and Russia signed in 2014 was a crucial milestone in their partnership. It highlighted the importance of defense and energy cooperation between the two countries and paved the way for a stronger and more strategic alliance. The two countries continue to work together on key areas such as defense, space, and technology and are committed to strengthening their partnership in the years to come.

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